Utilizing Live Chat to Free Time and Money with E-Commerce

Within the e-commerce world, it’s important to turn as many visitors into customers as possible. With physical stores, this can be easy with personal contact where you greet them as they come in as well as making yourself available to answer questions and ease concerns. However, you might think this is impossible with e-commerce…but there are solutions available. Today, we’re focusing on live chat features.

According to a recent study, over half of people are more likely to make a purchase when live chat is available. Thanks to technology, this doesn’t mean you need to sit in front of a computer all day and answer the same questions time and time again. Below, we’ve listed four tips and solutions;

Control the Chat Box - With the right software, you should be able to control who sees the chat box which means you can show a greeting depending on how long they’ve been on the same page, their location, and more. For example, you can minimize the chat on every single page and then have it show in certain situations including 30 seconds after they’ve landed, pages with new products or special offers, when they’ve arrived from digital ads or email promotions, and when they reach the shopping cart. Of course, only send English messages to people in English-speaking countries.

Staff the Chat Correctly - During the holidays, stores bring in more sales staff so you can do the same during peak hours. As you experiment more and more, you can assess the analytics and recognize the times where most people tend to use the live chat function. We aren't saying you need to be online 24/7, but instead try between 5-7pm and then 2-4pm and several other windows to find your customer’s needs.


After a while, you’ll notice the most valuable times to be online and you can fit this around your other marketing activities. For example, you might want to jump online as soon as an email newsletter has been sent. Since a click on the email shows a certain level of interest already, you can ensure the sale with live chat.

Always Check Feedback - Why gather feedback if you aren't going to read it and assess your scores? If somebody has taken the time to offer feedback, be it a written review or a simple star rating, you need to check it because it may provide some answers as to why you aren't seeing more sales.

Do customers use different terminology when searching for your products? Do people get lost on your website or frustrated by its layout? Are visitors having the same questions about your website when they arrive? Do they have similar requests for your products or overall service? By reviewing feedback, you can meet the changing needs of the market and make everything easier for them. The easier it becomes to use your website or buy your products, the more sales you’ll experience and it really is as easy as this.

Quality Over Quantity - Finally, there’s little point in juggling handfuls of conversations online because each will be waiting forever for a reply and nobody will walk away from the experience happy (including yourself!). If you want to see results, you’ll be much better off focusing on just one customer at a time. If you can provide an outstanding service to each customer in turn, you’ll actually be more likely to encourage sales because you aren't just firing off misspelt one-word answers in a panic.

With some companies, they have all chat windows close once a maximum number has been reached. This way, they can concentrate on one or two without becoming overstretched. Once one customer has left the chat, another can enter. If you want to prevent people from getting tired waiting, you can always offer a pre-chat survey because this will help you to know their problem immediately rather than asking them every time.

In the e-commerce world, your time is valuable so spend it wisely with these four tips for live chat. If you can master this feature, you can improve your sales figures without needing to be behind the desk for every hour of the day!