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Is Blogging Still an Effective Marketing Tool in 2018?

As we start to get comfortable with 2018, there are many questions we ask ourselves as businesses. For example, are we still on the right path in terms of products and services? How can we keep our existing customers happy? Is our marketing strategy still allowing people to find our service? With the latter in particular, this is a question we ask throughout the year as we attempt to beat all competition to potential consumers. Today, we want to assess something that has been a very important feature within all marketing strategies for the past five years; blogging.

Naturally, the start of a new year leads to us reassessing everything we do as a business. Therefore, we’ve been seeing numerous companies asking whether blogging is still the way to go in 2018. Considering everything seems to be changing on almost a yearly basis, including SEO, the use of email marketing, and more, this is a fair question. However, the performance of blogging is still on the rise and we don’t expect this to change in the coming months.

Importance of Blogging

Over the years, we’ve been able to learn exactly why blogging is valuable to both the business and the consumer and it’s these very reasons that are keeping blogs going around the world. For example, they allow a company to entertain or teach an audience, they allow a business to show their worth to the market, they allow consumer questions to be answered, and they provide a point of contact between both parties.

Blogging Statistics

When looking for ways of validating a blog, perhaps there’s no better method than looking into the various statistics that exist surrounding the activity. Thanks to a recent study where 1,000 bloggers and businesses were asked for their opinions, we have numerous statistics available to show just how blogging is performing.


First and foremost, a whopping 84% of people say their blog is still delivering strong (or at least some) results. In 2017, this was actually a 6% increase when compared to the statistics of 2016 which is great news. For those who decide to invest more than six hours per blog post, around half experience ‘strong’ results. If we look at the time spent writing blogs itself, this is actually expanding. Last year, the average was three hours and twenty minutes; this is almost one hour more than the same figure in 2014. Of course, there is a certain percentage of people who spend less than two hours on each post but this is steadily decreasing.

In terms of the blogs themselves, it seems as though lengthier posts are the current theme with the average blog post now offering around 1,150 words. Four years ago, a significant portion of bloggers were writing blogs under the 500-word mark but this number has been cut in half. Furthermore, there’s a 600% increase in bloggers writing over 2,000 words compared to three years ago and they’re seeing fantastic results.

Over the years, frequency has been a big talking point and two-thirds of people experience strong results after blogging more than once a day. Across the board, the study suggested improved results when publication frequency increased. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses still post less than once per week due to time and monetary constraints.

Finally, 58% of people choose more than one image for their posts while 16% are including a video and just under 5% include an audio file. According to research, results can be improved with multiple images and the success just keeps coming once videos and audio files are used.


If these statistics teach us anything, it’s that blogging is still an effective marketing tool in 2018. In the coming year, you might consider updating old blog posts since blog owners who do this are 75% more likely to enjoy strong results. Additionally, twice as many bloggers are now working with editors compared to 2014 so this could be a consideration for progress.

With an opportunity to become a leader and really connect with potential customers, blogging is as effective as ever and nothing will change this in 2018!