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What Makes a Great Sales Pitch? The Ultimate Guide

What Makes a Great Sales Pitch? The Ultimate Guide

As a business, you know just how important sales pitches can be. If you walk into a room, stumble through your words, and start sweating profusely, you aren't likely to win the contract or sell any products.

Recently, we saw one of the best sales pitches of all-time and it came from a web-based live-chat tool for businesses; Drift. Once the pitch had finished from Dave Gerhardt, there were two different camps in the audience; those who wanted to use Drift and those who already had Drift. Today, we want to break down the five elements of what made the pitch so great and how you can use this to propel your own business in 2018.

1: Demonstrate Change

For the most part, people sit through sales pitches and think ‘well, I’ve gotten along fine without this product/service until now so it really isn't necessary’. To overcome this, you need to demonstrate change in the world. With Drift, they explained how change was undeniably occurring and that these changes were increasing the stakes. In fact, they also noted that this change is going to happen regardless of whether Drift succeeds or not. With these three facts in the air, the audience immediately trusted every word that came from Gerhardt’s mouth.

2: List the Enemy

Once Gerhardt had the attention of the room, he named the enemy that was preventing sales people from reaching their prospects in this changing world. For example, he mentioned terrible lead forms that no longer worked. By naming the enemy of your customer, and then showing how this is affecting your own business, everybody in the room is suddenly in the same boat. After thinking that forms, emails, and phone calls were the best ways to reach prospects for so long, the opinion had changed. Most importantly of all, Drift wanted the audience to join them in this fight against a common problem rather than saying ‘you need us…’.


3: Suggest a Solution

Now the audience knows the losing path, how do we win. At this stage, it seems normal to talk about your solution but you need to resist the urge because there’s a lack of context and the audience will switch off. With Drift, they simply teased a promised land; as a business, winning should be the future that’s now possible as a direct result of your product not just people having the product.

As you tease the promised land, the audience needs to think of you as a desirable solution as well as feeling as though their prospects are tough to reach without your solution. All the while, you aren't directly advertisingor talking about your product/service.

4: Show Your Capabilities

For those who have bought into the promised land, this should be most of the room, they now need to see your capabilities. How can you help in this fight against the common enemy? Why do we value Obiwan’s gift of a lightsaber so much? Because we know how important it could be when attempting to destroy the Death Star. Without knowing the enemy and what needs to be achieved, the lightsaber doesn’t feature as an important solution.

5: Provide the Best Evidence

To finish, your audience will still be skeptical so be wary of this as you present the best possible evidence that your solution will lead to the happily-ever-after they desire. In our experience, the best way of achieving this is to have your own customers telling their story of how you helped. What if you don’t yet have a customer who is willing to provide this? Well, you can have your team, friends, family members, and others trial the solution on your behalf.


In order to find success in the long-term, you need to commit to a story and believe in making it come true. With every conversation you have on behalf of your company, it needs to follow this five-step principle and promote the idea that you’re the promised land that they so desperately need in order to fight the common enemy. If you can do this, you’re going to see great success in 2018!