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Increase Conversions with a Content Marketing Platform

For many years, businesses have been trying to work out how to tell if their content is actually working. Is it generating new leads? Are readers enjoying the content and then actively learning more about the company? Initially, this leads us to analytics and the various metrics we have available these days. At first, this seems great but they only ever show a certain section of the story.

For many businesses, they’re left wanting more and some even comb through each lead manually to see whether the content contributed to their interest. Of course, this is time-consuming and extremely inefficient but there is a solution in content marketing platforms.

Content Marketing Platforms - Just as the name suggests, these platforms don’t change the way we think about business but they do make businesses infinitely more efficient and productive. If you’re like many, you also have various other inefficiencies in your business you wish would resolve themselves. For example, perhaps you spend endless hours generating feedback from personalized emails.

Nowadays, both the creation and management of personalized emails are extremely hard processes to perfect. According to one survey, over 50% of businesses have had to send an apology email after making a mistake in the original content; since customers expect personalization these days, millions are looking for a better solution and content marketing platforms provide it.

Today, we want to show you two reasons why content marketing platforms can make your life (and the lives of your marketing team) much easier!


Content Analytics - Dealing with the problems we listed in order, we’ll start with the lack of depth with analytics. Often, businesses are left focusing on page ‘views’ when this provides no value at all. Even if your page were receiving millions of views, this doesn’t mean that a single person sits within your target audience.

Today, ABM is becoming important within the business world so we need to ensure these key leads are engaging with our work. With a content marketing platform, you’ll have access to fantastic metrics that really dig beneath the surface and assess the effectiveness of a given article or video. Which articles are best at generating leads? Which writers see the best return on a single article? Is there a particular theme that seems to generate the most engagement?

Suddenly, we have access to information we never thought possible. So long as it’s used well, it can shape the marketing strategy of even the biggest businesses.

Email Creation and Management - Secondly, the somewhat outdated magic of email can be brought into the 21st century with a bang thanks to content marketing platforms. With all content, it’ll be error-free and you can also ensure that it aligns with the main message and tone of the brand. For the review and approval process, this becomes streamlined and the platform becomes the hub for creation, reviewing, feedback, and then finally publishing.

Rather than risking an email to thousands of clients, it can be checked extensively at every stage of the creation journey. In the past, companies would copy and paste the text into a Word document or waste time using other techniques just to get everything right. Over time, emails would fly between team members and the whole process would be rather messy.

With a content marketing platform, grammar and spell check is just the tip of the iceberg because there can also be restrictions installed on the platform itself. For example, the email won’t be available for submission until all guidelines are met. Are there too many characters in some sentences? Is the email over the suggested word count? Is it missing a CTA? With this automated and optimized system set up, the whole process becomes easier for all involved.

Conclusion - With access to improved analytics and by eliminating the possibility of sending out poor emails, a content marketing platform could be the step separating you from your goals in the year ahead. As long as you choose a brilliant program, your business can benefit as can your customers and this is why we really support choosing this solution; it helps everybody!

"Targeting without technology is like Driving without Wheels”