How to Run a Scalable Holiday Marketing on Social Networks

While the holidays are often a time of stress, they’re also a time of giving and appreciation. Therefore, businesses have a superb opportunity to thank and gift their employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and every other stakeholder who contributed to the continued success of the business. For those who have tried this previously, you’ll know that it’s no easy task once you factor in recipient lists, addresses, gift purchasing, mailing, and managing the whole process.

Considering your team is already against the clock trying to get everything done before the world departs for their holidays, it can make a stressful time almost unbearable. For this reason, we’re offering three programs you can utilize without depleting your already limited resources!

Personalized Merchandise

To start, we’re going with the most resource-intensive solution of the three; if you really are limited for time and money, we recommend skipping ahead but it can be successful when done correctly. When looking for scalability, the key is normally standardized gift options for around three to five different groups. Once you have your groups of stakeholders, you can then proceed with a personalized gift for each.

Depending on your available resources, choosing a vendor to ship on your behalf might be more expensive but it could also save time. If time is your biggest limiting factor, this option is available and it’s why we wanted to include it here. Once the stakeholder has received their gift, they’ll feel valued and a sense of loyalty towards your brand so the benefits are clear to see.

On the flip side, there are also some limitations including the time added to the project when you don’t have up-to-date mailing lists. Also, if you’re an international company, it becomes perhaps one of the most expensive things your business will do this year.


High-Quality Content

Who says that a gift needs to be physical in its form? By using how-to videos, infographics, templates, and insightful content, you can add value to your customers and suppliers with ease. For customers especially, the content can be interesting and useful for them while also talking about your services and how you’ll continue to help them in the year ahead.

Although there will be an initial investment in the time spent producing this content, unless you outsource the entire project, the benefit of this gift is that it’s easy and cheap. As long as the content exceeds the service you normally provide, the recipient will recognize that you’re going above and beyond. As we saw with the personalized merchandise, they’ll feel valued and the loyalty to your brand can increase once again.

**eDonations and eGift Cards **

Sticking with the digital theme, why not offer electronic donations or gift cards to your stakeholders? In truth, there are several routes you can take with this option and the one you select will depend on the nature of your business and the relationship you have with your customers.

If you’re close with your customer base and interact with them regularly, you might be able to buy them a small iTunes gift card or something along these lines. If not, the gift card could be in the shape of a discount for your own services. Regardless of which you choose, digital gift cards can be scaled almost endlessly and thousands of customers can receive your generosity; you can even track the use of the gift card.

Finally, some businesses find it hard to settle on a gift card so choose a digital gifting service. From here, your customers can select their own gift or donate the money to their chosen charity.

**Integrating with Your ABM Strategy **

If you’re currently working on an ABM strategy, you’ll be aware of your most valuable clients so can segment the recipients depending on their location within the buyer’s journey. Regardless of which one you choose, they’ll appreciate the gift and it’ll do a great deed for your business. If it all works out well, the customers will continue to work with you and every other stakeholder appreciates the nature of your business moving into the next year.

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