Why It’s Better to Spend Your Marketing budget on Instagram than on Facebook

Over the years, the explosion of social media has enabled us to reach out to millions of people without paying a cent. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others available, there are millions of users just waiting to see your marketing efforts. With the groups we see on Facebook, the process becomes even easier because you can appeal to thousands of people who have already shown an interest in your type of business. Ultimately, this is like receiving a mailing list of everyone in your area who has the potential to become a long-term customer.

With this in mind, it can be tough knowing exactly where to spend your time and money these days. Do you pay for Facebook Ads and advertise within the aforementioned groups or do you go for the more visual option of Instagram? In truth, they all have their benefits but today we’re digging deeper into Instagram to see why it deserves your marketing money this year.

Instagram - In case you haven't used Instagram previously, the platform revolves around images and allows any user to upload pictures along with a caption and any chosen ‘hashtags’. With over 400 million active users every single day, there’s a huge potential customer base to target. In addition to this, it’s thought that 3.5 billion images are ‘liked’ on a daily basis. In recent years, people have said the Instagram market is now ‘saturated’ but these numbers suggest otherwise. With this huge number of users, there’s no reason why you can’t earn your share with some clever marketing techniques.

So, why is it better to spend your marketing money on Instagram than Facebook?

Tell a Story - With Instagram, every image you upload adds to the story of your brand. Whether it’s a picture of your product, new office, behind-the-scenes at an event, discussing a competition, or anything else, it becomes a scrapbook for your company and customers like this. With a browse through your profile, people can quickly see the sort of business you are and this helps to build credibility and trust. With the digital world taking over, these are two qualities consumers are looking for with every business and Instagram allows each to grow very quickly.

Interaction - If we use Twitter as an example for just a moment, tweets with images are 94% more likely to receive a retweet than those without an image and this suggests the power of visualization. In years gone by, we could visit a physical store and see a business in person. Now, everything is conceptual and we can deal with companies for many years without even meeting an employee. For example, have you ever been to an Amazon facility or seen anything of their business other than their products and packaging?
For this reason, customers look for ways to interact with a business online and the only way to do this is through images and videos. As you upload more images over time, your followers get a sense of your personality and what you can offer. If done correctly, engagement should soon see a boost and social proofing should do the rest for you.

Hashtags - If you want to boost your engagement even more, be sure to utilize interactive hashtags. For example, many companies like to have their customers take a picture with one of their products and post it online. If you ask your customers to do this in the paperwork that comes with the order or perhaps on the packaging, you can make it an enjoyable game where everybody shares pictures once they’ve joined ‘the team’.

Free Tools - When searching for the best ROI, you need a platform on which people will interact with you but you also need a platform that wants to see you succeed. With the many free features and tools with Instagram, these can be a huge help when promoting your business. With a ‘contact’ call-to-action button, analytics, and more, these can transform your profile and help you to keep pushing forward.

Cross-Promotion - As we know Facebook and Twitter are both superb ways to spend your marketing money but Instagram is perhaps the best opportunity for cross-promotion you have. When you upload to Instagram, you can have it so this post automatically uploads to other social media profiles and this ensures you don’t cut out certain sections of your audience.

Summary - As long as you provide genuinely interesting posts, rather than advertising every few minutes, your profile will gain followers and this will snowball over time. With an interactive and engaging scrapbook for your business, you can reel in the customers and allow them to become a part of your business; this creates long-term relationships and, hopefully, increased sales!

"Targeting without technology is like Driving without Wheels”

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