Why many large brands choosing external AI marketing tools over an agencies

For large brands who had the funds available, marketing agencies were the best marketing solution on the market for a significant amount of time. Rather than wasting resources making predictions or doing things incorrectly, agencies would allow a company to spend a set amount and get their product or service to as many people as physically possible.

For a long time, this worked…until now. Even for the largest brands in the world, the growing amount of competition and international businesses making their way over to the US means that marketing takes a lead role in ensuring growth and stability. Despite having a solid reputation, their goals have changed somewhat because the largest brands are now trying to stay relevant but in the most efficient manner possible. With this in mind, artificial intelligence (AI) is very quickly taking the lead from marketing agencies.

AI - In 2016, we saw what can be considered a ‘breakout’ year for AI. Although Siri only first made an appearance on our devices in 2012, the software we can buy today is vast and, quite simply, amazing. For example, let’s just look at Alexa which is a device that talks to us, gives us advice, allows us to set reminders, and a whole lot more.

With these new waves of technology, it’s perhaps not surprising to see some of it seep into the marketing industry. For the remainder of this year, we’re expecting even more changes and an emerging reliance upon artificial intelligence.

Why? Ultimately, because our business decisions need to be based on fact today rather than opinions, suggestions, and predictions. In the past, analysis wasn't available until it was too late to make a difference which is why an expert eye in the shape of a marketing agency was important. Today, analytics are available almost instantly and we can use Trapica as a fantastic example.

With this website, you can link their superb services to your marketing campaigns on a plethora of different social media platforms. By utilising AI, your campaigns will be assessed almost constantly in terms of performance, customer behavior, and the segments you could target. Over time, decisions can be made instantly about changes that will optimize your marketing strategy without having to wait for the analysis or for the opinion of experts.

If you’re looking to optimize your marketing strategy this year, now is the absolute perfect time to get involved because it’s still relatively new. With most tips and tricks regarding social media, everybody has now read them and know what to do. However, not everybody knows about websites like Trapica so you can take this step ahead of the competition. Suddenly, you can react quicker to changes in the market because AI is assessing every segment of the market and noting the most efficient places to advertise and drop your ads.

For these reasons, and many more, AI is quickly overtaking marketing agencies and it seems as though there isn't going to be anyway of stopping this any time soon!

"Targeting without technology is like Driving without Wheels”

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