/ AI and How Can It Affect Facebook Marketing

What is AI and How Can It Affect Facebook Marketing Campaigns?

If you’ve been in business for over twenty years, you’ll know exactly how business and marketing has changed in this time alone. Over such a short period of time, we’ve welcomed bigger and better internet services, mobile devices, social media, and a number of other services that just weren't available in the 1990s. As we continue through time, we now have yet another advancement and one that is allowing Facebook campaigns to become more efficient without the interaction of humans; AI.

What is AI? - Short for artificial intelligence, AI is the process of computers and technology showing intelligent behavior only previously capable by humans. As machines imitate intelligent human behavior, we’re starting to see the result of heavy investment from the largest manufacturers with products such as Amazon’s Echo (Alexa). After asking a question, Alexa considers it before then responding with a thoughtful answer.

AI and Facebook - With this in mind, how is it used with Facebook? First and foremost, it has a role to play within the marketing side of Facebook. With Facebook Ads, it allows companies to show their brand in front of millions of people. With 1.28 billion monthly users, this is one of the largest single markets you’ll ever find in the world which is why advertising on the platform can be so lucrative.

If you’ve not gone through this process before, you must create your campaign before then choosing your desired audience as well as a ‘cost per acquisition’; the latter essentially describes how much you’re willing to pay for each click and visit to your website. On each page that loads within your chosen niche, there’s a bidding system and your ad will appear if you outbid all other campaigns looking to earn a place on the page.

If you run multiple campaigns at the same time, it can take hours of hard work and determination to keep adjusting and ensuring your campaign is in the best position for results. For most of us, this is time we just don’t have (especially if the marketing is working and the sales numbers have increased). Sure, you could hire an external service and outsource this job but you’re still wasting hundreds of man hours on something that can be done by AI within seconds.

With the right program, you can actually link AI up to your Facebook marketing campaigns where it assesses your position at every given moment. In addition to searching for more lucrative audiences, it’ll continually assess the correct bidding amount required for success. If you want to retain control, it’ll suggest changes you can make to your campaign in order to benefit your business and increase ROI. If you would prefer to spend your time elsewhere, the AI can be fully automated and changes will be made on your behalf. With this level of intelligence behind your marketing campaigns, you know the campaign is always going to be in the best position to see results.

Improved Information - Nowadays, there’s no possible way for us to analyze the millions of resources and gauge what our customers are doing and thinking. Luckily, AI is there to pick up the slack and analyze all potential customers, their opinions on the industry, their opinions on the brand, and more. Considering marketing is all about stepping into the shoes of the consumer and seeing the world from their perspective, this is critical.

Nowadays, Facebook is investing in deep learning technology which allows a better detection of human faces. After this, AI is being used to read the code of computers to understand the nuances of language. For all marketers on Facebook, this should lead to a more accurate segmentation of the market thus offering an opportunity for ad targeting.

Fourth Lab - Just recently, Facebook announced their fourth artificial intelligence lab (in Montreal) and this shows their investment and stance on the topic. Following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Alphabet who have also invested heavily in this area, AI is only going to play a growing role with Facebook marketing campaigns.

In terms of Facebook themselves, they use AI in several ways including the process of choosing which posts to show to users within the app. In addition to this, AI allows spam to be kept to a minimum on the Messenger side of things. If you haven't yet invested in AI for your Facebook marketing campaigns, we highly recommend doing so this year before your competition does the same. With an automated bot in control of your Facebook Ads, you can optimize your campaigns and adjust with the market. If it spots an opportunity to target more people, it’ll act and it’s this sort of decision-making and research we just don’t have the time to do ourselves!

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